Dead simple wildcard DNS for any IP Address

Stop editing your etc/hosts file with custom hostname and IP address mappings. allows you to do that by mapping any IP Address to a hostname using the following formats:

Without a name:

  • maps to
  • maps to
  • maps to

With a name:

  • maps to
  • maps to
  • maps to
  • maps to
  • maps to
  • maps to maps <anything>[.-]<IP Address> in "dot", "dash" or "hexadecimal" notation to the corresponding <IP Address>:

  • dot notation:
  • dash notation:
  • hexadecimal notation:

The "dash" and "hexadecimal" notation is especially useful when using services like LetsEncrypt as it's just a regular sub-domain of

About this service is powered by PowerDNS with a simple, custom PipeBackend written in Python:

It's open source, licensed under Apache 2.0: — pull requests are welcome.

This is a free service provided by Exentrique Solutions (the same people who run which offer Git, Mercurial and Subversion hosting).

Feedback is appreciated, just raise an issue in GitHub .


DNS Rebinding Protection

Some DNS resolvers, forwarders and routers have DNS rebinding protection which may result in failure to resolve local and private IP addresses. This service won't work in those situations.

Related Services

  • localtls: A DNS server in Python3 to provide TLS to webservices on local addresses. It resolves addresses such as '' to and has a valid TLS certificate for them.
  • Alternative to this service, supports IPv6 and custom domains.
  • Alternative to this service, where everything is mapped to localhost/